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Leaf Associates, a Dubai based exponentially growing accounting and auditing services provider. Our expert team of chartered accountants, lawyers, and consultants provides world-class service solutions for all your business needs. We provide professional services that are both cost-effective and timely, ensuring that our clients of all sizes and volumes receive the support they need. We have specialized solutions to meet the demands and needs of businesses, all through a single portal.

Leaf Associates has experts in the fields of tax advisory services, professional accounting, and auditing. Our expertise and comprehensive knowledge in the domain have enabled us to give timely advice and reports to our clients, resulting in better planning for their businesses. We help budding entrepreneurs and start-ups procure their office space, legal residence, and business license in the UAE through us. Not only do we help our clients with legal and accounting work, but we also provide market feasibility studies by evaluating their project plans and giving the necessary advice.

We are a business consulting and accounting firm based in Dubai, specializing in providing customized solutions to our clients. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and client-focused firm that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction above all else. At our firm, we value our clients and are committed to building long-term relationships with them. We are a reliable, experienced, and client-focused accounting firm in Dubai. Our team of professionals consists of experienced accountants, business consultants, and technology experts who are dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients.

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If you're looking for an accounting and audit firm in Dubai, it's important to choose a company that you can trust to handle your finances with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Here we are giving you some reasons why you should choose us.


Our firm has been providing accounting, audit, and bookkeeping services in Dubai for many years, and we have a team of professionals who can handle all your financial needs.


Our team includes CA, lawyers, bookkeepers, and tax professionals who have good knowledge of local and international accounting standards. We stay up to date on the latest developments in accounting and tax regulations.

Customized Solution

We provide customized solutions tailored to meet your needs whether you need help with audit, bookkeeping, VAT registration or financial reporting, we can provide the right solutions.


We use the latest accounting software and technology to streamline our process and ensure accuracy and efficiency

Client-focused approach

We take the time to understand your business and your financial goals, and we work with you to help you achieve them.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our services without compromising on quality. We believe in building long-term relationships with our client.


We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to financial information. We always maintain strict confidentiality to protect our client’s privacy.

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Specializing in providing customized
solutions to our client.

Accounting System Implementation

Implementation of a cost-effective and dependable accounting system for businesses in the UAE. Our services are appropriate for all types of businesses.

Taxation Services

LEAF Associates accounting services provide expert services in taxation in UAE. LEAF Associate's Services include Registration, Return filing, Amendment, Reconsideration, De-registration and other ser

Accounting and Bookkeeping

LEAF Associates provide a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services throughout the UAE, and each service may be tailored to your specific needs and degree of comfort.


Feasibility study is called a formal evaluation of a proposed project. When you need to evaluate your project, you need accurate information. We have a bunch of experienced teams and they always keep


The Economic Substance Regulations impose specific and unique requirements on businesses to demonstrate their economic activity.


LEAF Associates have major auditing and assurance agency in the United Arab Emirates. An audit ensures that the financial statements are genuine and the entity's current financial status.

Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy services in Dubai are tailored to help businesses thrive in dynamic and competitive markets. With our expert guidance, strategic insights, and local knowledge, we empower yo

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Value our clients long-term relationships
with them

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Value our clients long-term relationships
with them


Everything You Need to Know About Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Audit.
Answered by Our Experts

Accounting and Bookkeeping are essential services needed to maintain the day-to-day financial and transactional information of a company’s business activities like sales, payments and receipts. These records will assist the management in planning, crafting policies, and choosing the best decisions that will benefit the organization. Leaf Associates of Accounting Services Est provides the best bookkeeping service in Dubai. We use the latest technologies to provide high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services. Our expert team has both skills and years of experience in bookkeeping.

The frequency of audits may vary based on the type of business and regulatory requirements. Generally, annual financial audits are common.

UAE-resident businesses who make taxable supplies in the UAE may voluntarily register for VAT if the value of their taxable supplies and imports, or taxable expenses, incurred in the last 12 months exceeded, or is expected to exceed in the next 30 days, the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500. Mandatory registration is required if the value of their taxable supplies and imports, or taxable expenses, exceeded, or is expected to exceed in the next 30 days, the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000.

Yes, as a tax-registered person, you are obliged to inform the FTA within 20 days of such change.

Yes. If you are a non-UAE resident selling goods that are located in the UAE to a UAE customer, then you will be required to register for VAT irrespective of the level of turnover from such sales. A non-established business selling goods from the UAE shall be subject to a NIL VAT registration threshold. VAT registration will be effective from the date on which you started making sales in the UAE.

No, the head office and branches are considered to be a single taxable entity under VAT, provided that they are part of the same legal entity. This also applies for two branches with different commercial registrations.

A supplier registered or required to be registered for VAT must issue a valid VAT invoice for the supply. To be considered as a valid VAT invoice, the document must follow a specific format as mentioned in the legislation. In certain situations, the supplier may be able to issue a simplified VAT invoice. The conditions for the VAT invoice and the simplified VAT invoice are mentioned legislation.

Yes, tourists are a significant source of revenue for the UAE and will pay VAT at the point of sale. Nevertheless, we have set the VAT rate deliberately low so that VAT is a limited burden on all consumers.

A scheme will be introduced to allow a UAE national who is not registered for VAT to reclaim VAT paid on goods and services relating to constructing a new residence which will be privately used by the person and his family. This will allow the recovery of VAT on such expenses as contractor’s services and building materials.

VAT refunds are available for tourists when they make eligible purchases. Businesses can also apply for VAT refunds in certain circumstances, such as when they have incurred more input VAT than output VAT.

Non-compliance with VAT regulations, such as failure to register, file returns, or pay taxes, can result in penalties, fines, and even legal actions. It's essential to stay compliant with tax laws.

Many free zones in the UAE offer tax incentives such as exemptions from corporate income tax and customs duties. However, these incentives can vary by free zone, so it's essential to research specific regulations.

UAE Corporate Tax applies to juridical persons incorporated in the UAE and to foreign juridical persons that are effectively managed and controlled in the UAE, A foreign juridical person that operates in the UAE through a Permanent Establishment or that has a taxable nexus in the UAE would also be subject to Corporate Tax.

UAE Corporate Tax will need to be paid on or before the end of the 9 months following the end of the relevant Tax Period.

The Federal Tax Authority may request for the financial statements to be submitted alongside the CT tax return, or for the financial statements to be provided upon request.